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At Spectrum Machine and Design, we serve a wide array of industries including aerospace, defense, oil and gas, medical, navy and subsafe, and more. With decades of experience in complex machining, we are capable of working on any and all projects where sophisticated components are needed.

Please provide us with the project details, and one of our dedicated account managers will be in touch with you within two business days. You can also choose to call us toll free at 855-386-9600.

You can attach PDF files of images or documents for the product you are seeking to manufacture to the online RFQ. Please clearly indicate the dimensions of your product or component, the material that the item is to be made from and the number of items you want produced.

Information related to your quote request:

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To attach a file, click the “Choose File” button. A new dialog window will open on the screen. Select the file you want to attach from the window and click the “open” button at the bottom right. To add additional files, click the “ADD PDF” button on the Submit RFQ on this page and repeat the process. You can attach up to six files. After you have filled out the form and attached any files, click the “Request a Quote” button to submit. We will respond promptly with a quote for our CNC machining services.

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Our quotes are detailed and you are under no obligation to choose us. However, we will be able to provide the high quality manufacturing that your project deserves.

On the form below, you can attach PDF files of images or documents to help us understand the project a little more. We will then call to discuss the design and prototype services that we offer in order to ensure that all of your needs are met.

We look forward to establishing a long lasting relationship with you. We will be happy to discuss our capabilities with you in detail. Additionally, when you receive a quote, it will be transparent so you can see all of the services we provide and how the cost breakdown works.