Flow Down Requirements

The following requirements apply to purchase orders issued by Spectrum Machine & Design, LLC (SMD) to sub-tier providers of parts and/or services relative to our deliverable products per ISO9001, AS9100 and our Quality Management System:

  • Certificates of Conformance are required with the shipment of product to our facility.
  • Acceptance of an order, contract or tender from SMD allows our personnel, our customer representatives and regulatory agency representatives the right of entry into your facility to review any product, process or records relative to our purchase order.
  • Providers shall conform to the drawing and/or specification requirements flowed down, including revision levels.
  • Provider does not have the right to disposition any nonconforming or suspect material discovered or generated, and must contact SMD in writing of any such product or services prior to shipment to our facility.
  • Providers do not have the right to subcontract any product or service to an alternate source without written consent from SMD.
  • Providers Quality Management System must comply with any system requirements flowed down on purchase order.
  • Qualification of equipment and/or personnel shall be maintained and current for any special process area that requires such controls.
  • SMD and our customer and regulatory agencies, reserve the right to source inspect product and/or services prior to shipment.
  • Any rated purchase orders issued under the Defense Priority Allocation System (DPAS) shall be processed in accordance with these requirements.
  • Test specimens must be provided, if so noted on the purchase order.
  • Notification of receipt of parts, materials or items to nearest Government Agency if Government Mandatory Source Inspection (GMIP) is required on the purchase order (in which case GMIP must be performed prior to shipment to our facility).
  • Compliance to any “key characteristic” requirements specified on the purchase order.
  • Providers must purchase raw materials in accordance with DFARs 252.225-7014 Alt. 1 and flow down these requirements to lower tier providers/vendors (if applicable on our P.O.).
  • Providers must conform to federal requirements for Code of Ethics.
  • Providers must conform to federal requirements for Counterfeit Parts prevention.
  • Providers must conform to any special requirements, (key characteristics, critical items, etc.) identified on the purchase order.
  • Providers must conform to any special design and development controls that apply.
  • Providers shall maintain all relative quality records for a minimum of three years, unless otherwise specified.
  • Providers shall alert SMD of any process changes relative to our purchase order, prior to implementing the process.
  • Providers must comply with ITAR regulations if stated on the purchase order.
  • Providers must ensure their contribution to safety and the importance of ethical behavior.

Provider Flow Down Attachment “A” QP 8.4 Rev. B 03/08/18