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At Spectrum Machine & Design we specifically target the manufacturing of complex parts and tooling for the Aerospace and Defense industries. We possess extensive experience in the manufacture of complex parts such as turbine blades and vanes as well as many other turbine engine components. Our niche is in the manufacturing of parts that have complex geometry as well as difficult to machine materials. We have yet to decline a project due to complexity. We also efficiently manufacture parts that are of a more simplistic prismatic shape and are made from more common materials as well.

Industries Served


Components manufactured by Spectrum Machine & Design are of the highest quality to meet flight critical service requirements.


Products used in the defense industry are mission critical by definition and Spectrum Machine & Design has the ability to produce these items to the required specifications. We have considerable experience in the machining of tough heat resisting alloys as well as other materials.


We offer the manufacture of general commercial components as well. Simple efficient manufacturing can be achieved through sophistication yielding a lower cost component coupled with higher quality.



We use the latest machine tool technology, software and systems to yield the most demanding results.

Complex Geometry

Complex Geometry

We specialize in producing products efficiently and in a cost effective manner regardless as to how complex the design is.

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Our experience in manufacturing from advanced materials sets us apart from our competition. Through our experience and innovation in processing heat resistant alloys, we will develop a process that will produce reliable results.

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Located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, Spectrum Machine & Design was founded in 1999. Our current facility was purchased in 2012 and has 17,000 square feet of work space. Our rapid growth is a testament to our capability.

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